Murals on Steel Airbrush Painting Class - Airbrush Class


The perfect class for anyone wanting to paint on metal tanks/cars/toolboxs/signs etc. You will paint a detailed mural including primers/basecoats and even clear-coating using both airbrush and spray guns. This class will give you the knowledge and ability to take a job from start to finish.


What will you learn?

  • Chemically cleaning/preparing metal
  • Use of etch and high build primers
  • Laying down basecoats
  • Using mini and large guns
  • Types of paint and compatibility issues
  • Selecting the right image for your panel
  • free hand/loose masking/stencilling
  • protecting artwork between layers
  • stencil alignment
  • spraying clear-coats
  • health and safety
  • sanding and polishing clear-coats
  • and much more

What do I need to bring?

Absolutely nothing. We will supply you with everything you need to complete the course, from paint and equipment to panels and practice items. Lunch and all day refreshments are supplied.

We do however recommend you bring a notepad and camera with you. Although we give you extensive course notes on color formulas and techniques, it is impossible to digest the sheer amount of information Simon imparts. Therefore we recommend you take notes throughout the day.

Bear in mind that a lot of tutors don't actually paint during their class. They prefer to give you an image and talk you through it. At SM Designs we get our hands dirty. Simon actually paints every project you paint, working side-by-side from start to finish. Some tutors dislike the use of cameras on their classes and some even forbid it. At SM Designs we encourage you to take as many pictures as you can. Taking photos of these "live demos" is an invaluable part of learning and a permanent visual reference for you.

Class times

10am - 5pm (classes always run on longer)

Class limited to 8 students

Students will be able to buy DISCOUNTED equipment on the class!