Testimonials from customers who have attended our classes:

We have way too many testimonials to list here so rather than just read about our students why not see their work and ask them directly. Follow Simon on Facebook and you will see what our students are saying about our classes.

"The Course was excellent & Simon is very talented. He actually gives you confidence to improve. I would recommend anyone to take this course no matter what level they are." Kevin M - London

"It has been a real joy to watch and learn from a true professional and his ability to teach is second to none. His skill with the airbrush makes a surgeon with a scalpel look like Bam Bam from the Flintstones. In conclusion if in 10 years time I'm half as good as my Tutor Simon Murray I will be overjoyed."
Jonathan A -

"Fantastic!!." Tom B - West Midlands

"Having never really airbrushed before, I was amazed at how well Simon explained everything and then went on to help me achieve the desired effects. I would 100% recommend this course to both newcomer and those with a little knowledge to broaden their horizons more widely than they could ever imagine. I was totally impressed and bowled over by the amount of knowledge the irish guy had and how well he imparted his knowledge and ideas." Susan C - Bradford

"With expert tuition from Simon, I managed to achieve something which I didn't believe I was capable of. I am quite sure that what I learned in one day would have taken months under normal circumstances, many thanks." Martin S - Dublin

"SM is the Dogs Bollocks!!" - Ian G - London

"I have been airbrushing for 4 years and I am happy to say that I have still learned a great deal from the course. It has been an excellent and worthwhile experience". Colin T - Preston

"What can I say - A great course. Hardwork but Fxxkin excellent. Don't run anymore the less people that know the secrets the better! Thanks Guys." Tom T - Glasgow

"The course was excellent and I enjoyed the lively friendly environment. Simon is a great tutor and he is very knowledgable" Rebecca L - Yorksire

"The course was totally excellent, Simon Murray's teaching methods exceed all expectations. The course is fast paced, but time is always spent on thorough explanations of working methods. The information gained on the course would take many years to accumulate alone (if at all). I would extremely recommend this course." Susan H - Cork

"Having limited knowledge to start with, I went away, knowing a lot more and felt more at ease with th whole painting aspect of the course." David G - Bradford

"An excellent course. Easy to ask questions and ever stupid thingss were not met with condescension, there was no unnecessary information. The Social side was excellent also, amd the organisers made everyone feel very welcome. I would highly recommend it." Maggie W - Leeds

"I have enjoyed every second of the course and I am leaving with vastly more knowledge than I came with. I now feel confident to attempt work of my own. Simon knows his business and does his utmost to convey his knowledge to the students." David B - Liverpool

"An excellent course that can be appreciated by anybody" Mike - Sussex

"This course was great. I learned more than expected in a relaxed environment with all the help you need to progress, also very informative about how to progress with your skills in the future. We were also able to have a great laugh throughout the whole course. Thank you for all your help." Nicky - Edinburgh

"Excellent course with a wide and varied content. Very informative trainers who are always willing to help and offer advice - superb!" Chris - Manchester

"Awesome guys! Fantastic gang, place and tutour. Would definitely come back to learn more..... Probably wont get rid of me!" Esme - Essex

"An excellent course combined with a tutour who is prepared to help with anything you may not understand fully without getting annoyed. Cant wait to put into practise what i've learned and will definitely book the next course." Jon - Leicestershire

"I came on the course not really knowing what to expect. The things I have learned were amazing and I know that I can use it in the future. The course was worth every penny. Thanks very much!"
Will -

"Simon is a brilliant teacher. He covered a lot of information in a precise and easy to understand way. You can't fail to learn on this course" Chris - Stockport

"Fantastic course, learned above and beyond what I thought I would. Everything was greatand all involved were very helpful. A total pleasure" Phil - Leeds

Courses don't get better than this, highly recomend for novies to the world of airbrush and cusrtom painting. Dave - Hull 21.2.08

Fantastic course, learnt so many different techniques that were made so easy. Simon is very good at explaining the different aspects of airbrushing and custom painting. Nichola - Glasgow

I learnt more in 3 days with Simon than 4 years at University!! Aidan - Lanchester 21.2.08

"The course as usual was of an excellent standard and I have learnt a great deal."
Colin T -

Simon is so down to earth and humble, which makes it much easier to ask questions about anything, He didn't push Auto Air too much and even showed the possibilities with other techniques. Basically excellent value for money and I learned more in 3 days than years as a professional airbrush artist on my own. Paul D - Glasgow

"Just a quick note to thank everyone over the last three days for all their help with the metal, chrome and flames. I must admit I did find it very hard but when I got home and looked at what I had done... I was chuffed. The way the course was put across was first rate but then simon is THE MAN wow what he does with an airbrush is out of this world - the way he makes things look is just amazing. Many thnkas again to all. Corpus - Bradford

Both Janet and I really enjoyed our time with you on the recent course, we learnt lots and with your great teaching capabilities felt very encouraged and it made us have confidence in our own abilities and we are going to get stuck into doing our projects. The whole atmosphere was friendly and comfortable and the social side was great as well. - Tom & Janet Bell - GlasgowSheffield

Thanks very much to you both for the hospitality and the tuition which was out of this world and has helped me along a terrific amount. - Richard Drew - Belfast

I took Simon's course to get a bit better at airbrushing. What I didn't realise is that I was going to be taught by Simon the great not by some Billy boy trying to be the daddy, so in the end I learned just about anything there is to know to start airbrushing properly. Simon is as good at teaching as he is at airbrushing, top notch mate! - Oliver Roubieu - Manchester

I just want to say how impressed I was with both your course and with your setup - you really are a top guy, and I found your classes and stories really easy to follow. I can assure you I WILL be back to take more classes after the new year, and I do hope to cement a good relationship with SM Designs now and in the future. Your professional and welcoming approach really made a difference, and I hope you add more classes to your list very soon. - Graham Dickinson - London

My son Michael attended your 3 day course a couple of years ago at the age of 14 in Lancing. He was obviously nervous at that age being thrown amongst a group of strangers, all older than him, but came away pretty much knowing what he wanted to do as a career being custom airbrush work, and having enjoyed the classes. When we talked with you at the Earls Court event a couple of months ago on the Friday, your advice to him was invaluable. He was about to sit his GCSE's and had managed to secure his 6th form place at school (subject to results) and one of the subjects he was thinking of studying was art but his mind was already set on airbrushing and he felt he would be wasting 2 years by attending 6th form but needed some assistance in making that decision. That advice had to come from somebody other than his parents and somebody he respected. Your advice confirmed which direction he would go in. We discussed it on the train on the way home and as soon as we got back we went to the local Nationwide Repair centre down the road where a friend had tipped him off that an apprenticeship may be available as a paint sprayer and he secured that position and starts at the end of August. Many thanks for all your advice and encouragement. Now it's down to him. - Geoff Nelson - Liverpool

I attended your workshop a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. It was a fantastic 3 days and you couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. - Darran Forde - Dublin

I attended one of your classes a while ago. I have since set up a motorbike business offering servicing, tuning etc and of course custom spray jobs. I have successfully sprayed 4 bikes since starting my business. - Colin Morpeth - Edinburgh

I managed to get back home to Spain safe and sound and just want to thank you and Simon for everything. I really had a good time and learned a lot. Now I’m eager to start practising as well. I’ll definitely come again! - Anu Hindsberg - Sheffield

I had some idea about airbrushing and I wanted somebody to push me onto the next level. That’s Simon. I’ve learned everything that has to do with the custom painting industry, and now I have my own company! Excellent teaching methods both during and after the courses. I owe Simon everything. Thanks bud!
- Christos Spyrou -